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Resident​ En​semble Players​


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Life in the Arts with the REP podcast

Life In The Arts with the REP​

Listen to the new podcast!

Life In The Arts with the REP is a relaxed, chatty podcast with guests from the Resident Ensemble Players and other creative artists around the University of Delaware. Steve Tague, the REP's Interim Producing Artistic Director, and guests give in-depth accounts of their lives in the arts.​​

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The Resident Ensemble Players (REP), the University's resident professional acting company, has captivated audiences with a wide variety of classic, modern and contemporary productions​ for nearly 15 years. Stories performed by the REP entertain, challenge, inspire and enrich our community.


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Our commitment to the community, both on-campus and off, is at the heart of our mission: introduce young people to the magic and power of live theatre, keep ticket prices affordable for the entire community and make great works of literature come alive.

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