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Resident​ En​semble Players

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"Medea" by Euripides


April 13-30, 2023

What is love worth? What is the cost of betrayal?  Medea’s love and loyalty to Jason was unquestionable… until his betrayal when he marries another for political gain, leaving Medea banished. Scorned passion and a broken heart lead Medea down a dark path, where her lust for vengeance will come at the ultimate cost.​​

"Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You"

State of t​​he Arts Festival​

May 6, 2023

This festival will showcase exemplary student work, celebrating the breadth and diversity of talent fostered in the arts here at the University of Delaware.​

Life in the Arts with the REP podcast

Life In The Arts with the REP​

Listen to the new podcast!

Life In The Arts with the REP is a relaxed, chatty podcast with guests from the Resident Ensemble Players and other creative artists around the University of Delaware. Steve Tague, the REP's Interim Producing Artistic Director, and guests give in-depth accounts of their lives in the arts.​​

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The Resident Ensemble Players (REP), the University's resident professional acting company, has captivated audiences with a wide variety of classic, modern and contemporary productions​ for nearly 15 years. Stories performed by the REP entertain, challenge, inspire and enrich our community.


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Our commitment to the community, both on-campus and off, is at the heart of our mission: introduce young people to the magic and power of live theatre, keep ticket prices affordable for the entire community and make great works of literature come alive.

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