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Inherit the Wind
By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee
Directed by Sanford Robbins
Thompson Theatre
Mar. 7 - Mar. 24, 2019
“It’s about the right to think.”  Inspired by the sensational Scopes “Monkey Trial” of 1925 when a Tennessee high school biology teacher was arrested for including Darwin’s theories of evolution in his curriculum, this crackling courtroom drama becomes an engrossing boxing match for the two greatest legal giants of the century as the entire nation watches, galvanized.  It isn’t just creationism versus evolution on trial, but the fundamental freedom of belief, in a conflict still crucially relevant today.   

Thur. ​March 7 ​7:30 pm
​Fri. ​March 8 ​7:30 pm
​Sat. ​March 9 ​7:30 pm ​Opening
​Sun. ​March 10 ​2:00 pm
​Thur. ​March 14 ​7:30 pm ​Talk-back w/ the cast
​Fri. ​March 15 ​7:30 pm
​Sat. ​March 16 ​2:00 pm ​Prologue @ 1:15 pm
​Sat. ​March 16 ​7:30 pm
​Sun. ​March 17 ​2:00 pm
​Thur. ​March 21 ​7:30 pm
​Fri. ​March 22 ​7:30 pm ​Talk-back w/ the cast
​Sat. ​March 23 ​2:00 pm
​Sat. ​March 23 ​7:30 pm
​Sun. ​March 24 ​2:00 pm Prologue @ 1:15 pm​
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