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General Performance Info
The theatre is handicapped accessible.  To request disability accommodations, contact the REP Box Office (302) 831 2204 at least FIVE DAYS IN ADVANCE of the performance.   
TDD: 831 4552, Fax: 831 0358, Voice mail: 831 2206, Email
Handicapped parking spots are available next to the elevator on every floor of the CFA parking garage.  If you need to let passengers out close to a lobby door, you can do so safely at the South lobby entrance in the parking lot off of Orchard Road.  (This is a restricted parking lot.  There are a small number of handicapped parking spots and meters; however we encourage patrons to park in the CFA garage.)
We do not guarantee late seating after a performance begins. Late seating may or may not be permitted at the discretion of the director and only when there is appropriate break in the action. Please be sure to arrive early so that you are sure to see every moment of our exciting productions.
Not all productions are appropriate for children. Please inquire at the box office. We welcome children old enough to enjoy appropriate productions; however, infants and toddlers will not be admitted to performances. Tickets must be purchased for all persons attending a performance. All children must have a ticket and children under 5 are never admitted.
Food, cameras, recorders, pagers, laser pointers, etc. are prohibited inside the theaters. Please turn off all electronic devices.
The REP house management staff reserves the right to escort disruptive patrons from the theater at any time.
Performance names, dates and times are subject to change.

Steve Tague and Deena Burke in the REP production of THE GOOD DOCTOR. Photo: Paul Cerro.