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2017-2018 Parking Information


Beginning August 28, 2017, the Center for the Arts garage becomes a gateless garage with new payment procedures.


What this means for you:
•   Pre-purchased parking vouchers are still available from the Box Office.  However, instead of handing a voucher to an attendant after a performance, you will purchase vouchers, each with a one-time-use code, which will be used in a garage kiosk, before leaving the garage to attend your performance.
•  No ticket will be dispensed on garage entry; drive in and park your vehicle.
•  You will pay using a kiosk, immediately after parking.  There will be kiosks in the main garage lobby and on levels 2 - 4.  Signage will give instructions on how to use the kiosks.  UD Parking Services attendants will be on hand for the first few productions to assist audience members with the new kiosk system.

    The payment system will utilize a Pay-by-Plate system.  You will enter your car license plate number into the kiosk, along with your payment OR the pre-purchased code.   (The pre-purchased parking code vouchers from the box office have a convenient place for you to note your plate number.)
•  You will enter ALL letters and numbers that are on the plate.  Examples:


Order your pre-paid parking code vouchers by mail, phone, or in person by using this handy form.




Michael Gotch and Sara Valentine in The Hostage. Photo: Paul Cerro.