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Stage Management
Year One
The first year concentrates on developing the rehearsal/performance skills and habits of a professional stage manager, as well as distinguishing and generating effective relationships with all members of the production team. The student's time is divided between classroom work and production experience on REP and PTTP plays. Training and practical opportunities are also provided in the related field of event management.
Year Two
The second year of study continues to emphasize skill development with an increased concentration on advanced organizational, managerial, and communication techniques. Students continue to make specific application of classroom work in the production of REP and PTTP plays.
Year Three
In the third year stage management students are fully accountable for a season of ten to twelve professional REP productions including oversight of the master rehearsal/production schedule and orchestrating the many activities occurring on and off campus. Course work in this year consists only of tutorials and production assignments.
Throughout the Training
  • The majority of the student's time is spent in the "hands-on" work of stage managing fully-mounted productions. Students are in rehearsal or performance as stage managers or assistant stage managers at all times during their three years of study. Training and practical opportunities are provided in the related field of event management.
  • The curriculum includes specific practical training - from the perspective of stage management - in the technical production disciplines of audio production, lighting, electricity, carpentry, and costuming.
  • Students regularly have the opportunity to work on REP and PTTP productions with guest directors, designers, and craftspeople from Broadway, Off-Broadway, LORT, and international theatres. Guest AEA instructors, many of whom are graduates of the PTTP, augment the full-time stage management faculty.
  • Each spring, students work closely with casting agents and producers from leading summer theatre festivals by supervising auditions held on campus. These theatres often interview PTTP stage management students for professional employment.
  • Students stage manage productions that include Equity actors and are rehearsed under Equity guidelines.
  • Students are enabled to fulfill their Equity Membership Candidacy.