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Resident Ensemble Players (REP) is a professional theatre
located at the University of Delaware. 


The REP exists to:


Engage audiences with frequent and outstanding professional productions of a wide variety of classic, modern, and contemporary plays performed in a wide variety of styles, with a particular emphasis on plays that are distinguished by one or more of the following characteristics:


      • considered to be a masterwork of dramatic literature,
    • quality of script,
    • merit of theme,
    • power as a theatrical experience;

Make these professional productions available at low prices so that they are accessible and affordable to everyone regardless of income;


Celebrate and demonstrate the possibility and power of an ensemble of actors trained in the same way and working together over long periods of time, with a particular emphasis on showcasing the range, variety, ability to transform, and capacity to work in many different ways that are the traditional hallmarks of outstanding resident acting companies;


Provide long-term employment security and respectable compensation to outstanding professional stage actors, while affording them, on a regular basis:

    • acting challenges and opportunities in excellent professional productions,
    • opportunities to meaningfully contribute to actors entering the profession, and
    • opportunities to contribute to undergraduate education and the creation of lifelong theatregoers;

Contribute to UD’s curriculum and create life-long theatregoers by:

    • presenting plays that are studied, are worthy of study, or which illuminate matters studied in the curriculum;
    • offering outstanding courses in Theatre taught by REP actors to students from all academic disciplines that build confidence, poise, and self-esteem in front of groups while expanding individual self-expression and instilling a life-long love of theatre, and by
    • making available to courses throughout UD’s Colleges and Departments frequent classroom visits of professional actors to illuminate texts, illustrate ideas, and promote learning in a way unique to live theatre.


Cameron Knight in the REP production of OF MICE AND MEN.  Photo: Paul Cerro.