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About the REP


Resident Ensemble Players (REP) is a professional theatre
located at the University of Delaware. 


The REP exists to:


Engage audiences throughout its region with frequent and outstanding professional productions of a wide variety of classic, modern, and contemporary plays performed in a wide variety of styles, with a particular emphasis on plays that are distinguished by one or more of the following qualities: 

  • the quality of their script, 
  • the opportunity they present for virtuosity in performance, and
  • their power as theatrical experiences. 

Make these professional productions available at very low prices so that they are accessible and affordable to everyone in the region regardless of income.


Celebrate and demonstrate the possibility and power of an ensemble of actors trained in the same way and working together over long periods of time, with a particular emphasis on showcasing the range, variety, ability to transform, and capacity to work in many different ways that are the traditional hallmarks of outstanding resident acting companies.


Provide long-term employment security and respectable compensation to outstanding professional stage actors, while affording them, on a regular basis:

  • acting challenges and opportunities in excellent professional productions,
  • opportunities to meaningfully contribute to actors entering the profession, and
  • opportunities to contribute to undergraduate education and the creation of future lifelong theatregoers.

Contribute to UD’s undergraduate curriculum and create future life-long theatregoers by:

  • presenting plays that are studied in the curriculum or which illuminate matters studied in the curriculum,
  • offering outstanding courses in Theatre taught by REP actors and other personnel to students from all academic disciplines that build confidence, poise, and self-esteem in front of groups while expanding individual self-expression and instilling a life-long love of theatre, and by
  • making available to courses throughout UD’s Colleges and Departments frequent classroom visits of professional actors to illuminate texts, illustrate ideas, and promote learning as only live theatre can, and by
  • performing special matinees of REP productions for middle school and high school students, with classroom outreach sessions presented at those schools.


Cameron Knight in the REP production of OF MICE AND MEN.  Photo: Paul Cerro.